Dining & Bars

Dining & Bars

Experience the exciting Cretan dining scene right here at Civitel Creta Beach. Discover the bold flavors of the island and diverse Mediterranean cuisine at our spectacular restaurant and bar.

Main restaurant
The culinary delights at Civitel Creta Beach will overwhelm you with a world of mouthwatering choices at the main restaurant. Breakfast is served in rich buffet style, offering a variety of continental and American favorites, but also many Cretan delicacies such as cheeses, desserts, rusk bread, olives and other delights eaten around the Mediterranean for breakfast. The rich culinary experience is extended to lunch and dinner where the famous Cretan diet plays an important role in salad, main meal and dessert buffets, but western specialties such as pasta, meats and sweets are plentiful as well. You’ll find separate buffets for the hot dishes, salads, desserts, and Cretan delights, which are set up at the ‘Cretan Corner’ for you to sample delicious local ingredients.

Restaurant a la Carte
At our Restaurant a la Carte the menu ensures a refined dining experience with a myriad of fresh flavors, Greek specialties and International tastes. Our chefs have especially handpicked each product and dish, to offer the best of International and Mediterranean cuisine, from starters to desserts. At Civitel Creta Beach, fresh, local and seasonal cuisine is part of your luxury experience.

Main bar
After dinner, sip fine wine or share cocktails with friends in our intimate main lounge bar. It welcomes guests for a leisurely get-together, with the outdoor terrace by the sea being especially popular.

Pool Snack Bar
During the day time you can head to the pool snack bar for a sandwich, salad, ice cream or refreshing drink. This is the perfect place to keep an eye on the kids in the pool while sipping a cocktail.