Thalassohåzi Restaurant

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other at Civitel Creta Beach, where an array of delectable options awaits at the Thalassohåzi main restaurant. Start your day with a lavish breakfast buffet, offering a tempting assortment of continental and American classics alongside authentic Cretan delicacies such as cheeses, desserts, rusk bread, olives etc. Savor the flavors of the Mediterranean right at your table.

The gastronomic journey continues into lunch and dinner, where the celebrated Cretan diet takes center stage within our salad, main course, and dessert buffets. Yet, the culinary adventure does not stop there; alongside our local offerings, you’ll discover an abundance of Western favorites, including an array of pasta dishes, succulent meats, and delectable sweets that satisfy every palate.

Our buffet areas are thoughtfully organized, featuring separate stations for hot dishes, salads, desserts, and, of course, Cretan specialties. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the ‘Cretan Corner’, a dedicated space where you can explore and savor the rich flavors of locally sourced ingredients.